Vector art depicting Brand Strategy.

Brand Strategy

It’s our first love. Piccolo PR’s first approach to PR starts with a full immersion in the world of the brand. Your brand narrative- your code- will help separate you from your competitors. Because in order to become iconic you need to be distinctive. Piccolo PR will help you find your voice.

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Vector art of Digital+Social Media strategy.

Digital + Social Media

Piccolo PR implements strategic collaborations that connects brands with new virtual friends. It’s not about the amount of followers, and all about engagement. We seed your product into celebrity hands to spread word of mouth and improve online presence.

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Vector art representing building awareness.

Build Awareness

We build awareness and credibility to help businesses grow stronger and faster. Product placement and editorial Crisis management PR Business and founder profiling campaigns Brand ambassador campaign Sponsorship and partnerships

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Vector art representing Content Creation.

Content Creation

We curate and craft creative content that is thoughtful, meaningful, and real. Creative copy-writing across all channels Photography concepts and management Tone-of-voice development Creative mail-outs

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Vector art representing Sydney Talent Management.

Talent Management

Piccolo PR gets close to the people behind the brand to find the reason why the brand exists. The first step to creating a brand identity is to find the story behind your business, and that story starts with the talent. We focus more on building impactful relationships to drive meaningful engagement.

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Vector art representing search engine optimization.


Public Relations and SEO go hand in hand. How you may ask? Both revolve around the million-dollar question, “How do we get people talking about you?”

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Vector art representing Event Management.


Piccolo PR creates events that are on- brief with high- impact polish. We match your brand with the right venue, then curate an engaged audience that can will become your brand’s most valuable advocates. Guest list, RSVPs and seating management Invitation copy, design and dispatch Sponsor procurement + management Media famils

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Vector art representing crisis management public relations.

Crisis Management

Your crisis is our crisis. At Piccolo PR, we know that businesses of all sizes can face adversity which can trash your reputation and revenue and may need help putting things back into place. The ‘recovery’ part of a crisis often involves significant change management – transformation. Piccolo provides you with a way to strategically respond to the media both quickly and proactively. Piccolo PR has managed the reputations of internationally respected brands, celebrities, business leaders, and organizations. Some of our best work is behind the scenes to prepare for issues and mitigate risk.

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