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Busy PR agent holds child while making a phone call and writes down notes while working from home.

Tips for Parents Working From Home With Kids

There’s no surprise that 2020 is having a moment. There have been many challenges we’ve faced along the way and many obstacles we’ve needed to overcome both as individuals as well as a society. Working in a PR and communications agency has allowed our team to enjoy the benefits of working from home. If you’re struggling to stay productive while working from home with little ones around, try out some of these tips from full-time work-from-home mums to help you get through the week. Set boundaries – Whilst it’s important to spend time with the children and ensure they are […]

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Woman working on the floor with papers thrown around and a cat laying across them.

How To Avoid Work From Home Fatigue

2020 has been a roller coaster for everyone, and it’s forced all of us to make a lot of changes we might not have been prepared for. For Piccolo PR it involved paying it forward by providing small businesses with free PR advice and services during this challenging time. That being said, there has been an acceleration of the shift to working from home, and this significant change in the work pattern has brought along its own set of advantages and disadvantages to workers in all sectors including those of us in Digital Marketing and Public Relations. According to a […]

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A picture of two women doing yoga for workplace wellness.

Piccolo PR knows… How to add wellness into your workplace

Our surroundings can play a huge role when it comes to how you feel, how productive you are, and your level of enthusiasm. So, let’s refresh for success! Think of it like this. You’d rather stay in a beautiful five-star hotel, than a dingy old motel with stained sheets and a broken bed. Why? Because your surroundings have an effect on the way you behave. Encourage a workplace environment that brings fun and festivity to the environment. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our own office- but that’s ok.  Small changes to your desk space can make […]

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