Vector art representing a retail brand.


Piccolo PR has anchored Lifestyle brands that improve the lives of consumers, from candles to cushions and everything in between.


Lifestyle brands bring a colorful array of products and services that enhance people’s lifestyles. Whether their focus is around kids, homewares, or apparel, we connect your brand together with consumers so that they can be inspired by your message and express themselves through your products.


Whether it’s product placement, editorial coverage, business and founder profiling campaigns, event curation, or spotlighting new products and sponsorships, every lifestyle brand’s needs are different. Always positioning your products in the right places, Piccolo PR has the right contacts and creativity to boost lifestyle brands and share their story among design-conscious audiences.

We know that your brand’s goal is to inspire, guide, and motivate your audience, which is why we tackle each client’s needs with their very own curated strategy.

With our little black book of celebrities, Influencers, and VIP’s, we bring together an audience based on affinity and brand advocacy, fostering brand awareness and loyalty. We have represented popular lifestyle brands from across the globe as well as here in Australia.

The role of media coverage and appearances is vital, which is why we have a broad portfolio of trusted media connections to feature your brand in both traditional and digital publications. Whether it’s product placement, an online publication, or editorial coverage, Piccolo PR will provide you with a strategy that brings energy and enthusiasm towards your brand.

Grow the culture around your brand with engaging content to drive consumers to take part in your brand’s “way of life.”

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Vector art representing a retail brand.