Vector art representing a brand oriented towards children.


Kids fill our world up with much joy, so much adventure. The genesis of how we came to be was because we specialized in the kid’s industry.


At Piccolo PR, we’ve worked together with international and local kid’s brands. We color outside the lines with our creativity, which allows us to light up the imaginations of children everywhere and weave your brand’s identity into a colorful fairy tale for them to explore.

Going beyond traditional PR, we also offer digital/social media strategies alongside content creation to amplify your brand’s online audience with posts that create, communicate, and share your vision with new eyes. We connect our clients with a portfolio of trusted Influencer contacts to build both sponsored and organic posts while tracking success through social media analytics. Our strategies are always evolving with the latest trends in communication for kids’ PR and marketing, while focusing on the magic and wonder behind your brand.

Bring your brand’s story to life with a stunning event. We manage all the details, including securing a venue, sponsors and theming. We will also invite the ‘cool kids’ to your party.

Our experience working together with children’s brands across the globe has allowed us to build unique and fun campaign photography that draws in audiences worldwide, whether in Australia or Los Angeles.

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Vector art representing a brand oriented towards children.