A vector illustration of a woman applying foundation for a beauty brand.


Piccolo PR works with an extensive range of brands within the beauty industry. We know beauty. We know lifestyle. Piccolo PR draws on our industry knowledge to create polished communications campaigns that align with your business ambitions. We are tapped into the tight-knit beauty community and have close relationships with beauty editors and influential social media players. Word of mouth moves fast online. So, let’s get social. Piccolo PR has a trusted portfolio of Influencers that specialize in the beauty and lifestyle space. Whether it’s through blog features, sponsored and organic posts, or collaborations, reaching out to the right Influencers […]

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A vector illustration of a fashion brand's necklace and watch.


Fast-paced and constantly changing, Piccolo PR manages inspiring Fashion and Apparel labels that embodies a mix of luxury labels, jewelry, and kid’s apparel. WHY WE DO IT Always supporting the growth of new talent, Piccolo PR has represented emerging and leading fashion brands throughout Australia and abroad with our in-demand communications services. HOW WE CAN HELP As a full-service PR agency, Piccolo PR works closely with our clients to create bespoke strategies for long term market growth, both locally and abroad with brand strategy, events and activations, public relations, VIP and Influencer cultivation, marketing partnerships and consumer relations. Creation, Communication, […]

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A vector illustration of a person doing yoga for their health.

Fitness & Health

Piccolo PR is Australia’s leading, independent health + wellness communications agency. WHY WE DO IT We are living in a well-thy world. Consumers are increasingly more health-conscious. Fitness, wellness, mindfulness and health products are dominating the headlines. Piccolo PR has earned an enviable reputation for delivering proactive, innovative, versatile strategies that create positive press coverage. We work with a union of local and international medical, pharmaceutical, health + wellness, and lifestyle sectors. HOW WE CAN HELP Piccolo PR creates and executes strategies that help brands change the future. Piccolo PR’s portfolio of trusted health and wellness Influencers can provide you […]

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A vector illustration showing interior design.


We Love Colors. We Love Design. And We Love Interiors. Homewares is where we started. WHY WE DO IT Piccolo PR works with some of Australia’s most respected interior designers, stylists, design enthusiasts, and homewares brands. We help brands find their voice and work to showcase the stories behind it. With careful analysis, we refine and set the tone of your message with a strategic brand campaign. Piccolo has produced stunning and beautiful content that captures the spirit of homewares brands across the country to ensure they stand out from the crowd in a sea of competitors. With your beautiful designs, […]

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Vector art representing a brand oriented towards children.


Kids fill our world up with much joy, so much adventure. The genesis of how we came to be was because we specialized in the kid’s industry. WHY WE DO IT At Piccolo PR, we’ve worked together with international and local kid’s brands. We color outside the lines with our creativity, which allows us to light up the imaginations of children everywhere and weave your brand’s identity into a colorful fairy tale for them to explore. Going beyond traditional PR, we also offer digital/social media strategies alongside content creation to amplify your brand’s online audience with posts that create, communicate, […]

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Vector art representing a retail brand.


Piccolo PR has anchored Lifestyle brands that improve the lives of consumers, from candles to cushions and everything in between. WHY WE DO IT Lifestyle brands bring a colorful array of products and services that enhance people’s lifestyles. Whether their focus is around kids, homewares, or apparel, we connect your brand together with consumers so that they can be inspired by your message and express themselves through your products. HOW WE CAN HELP Whether it’s product placement, editorial coverage, business and founder profiling campaigns, event curation, or spotlighting new products and sponsorships, every lifestyle brand’s needs are different. Always positioning […]

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Vector art representing a real estate brand.

Real Estate

Piccolo PR thrives in the dynamic property industry. We are skilled at managing every detail of a project, from profiling interior designers, architects, property developers, and stakeholders and collaborating with Influencers to create interactive visual/video content. WHY WE DO IT It’s our belief that the best brand experiences start with clear thinking and rich storytelling. At Piccolo PR we apply an intelligent strategy that is perfectly aligned with the purpose and goals of your business. Ranging from boutique residential communities to large scale commercial developments, we’ve been building brands for some of the biggest developers and agencies locally and well […]

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Vector art representing a retail or e-commerce brand.

Retail & Ecommerce

Piccolo PR thrives in the dynamic Retail and E-Commerce industry. Whether you are launching your brand nationally into department stores, managing the rollout of a new product launch, or looking to devise the perfect online advertising campaign, Piccolo develops an in-house approach that is tailored to your needs. WHY WE DO IT Retail and e-commerce nurture sales of their products and services both online and in brick and mortar stores. By offering creative strategies that deliver on client goals, Piccolo channels its knowledge of evolving market trends to contribute to your brand’s commercial success. HOW WE CAN HELP As a […]

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Vector art representing a travel brand.

Travel & Tourism

Piccolo PR has extensive experience in travel and tourism marketing and PR. We consider ourselves world travelers, so we know the power of wanderlust. WHY WE DO IT At Piccolo PR, we profile exotic destinations, health retreats, hotels, restaurants, travel-related consumer goods, and off the beaten track adventures. Our global network of travel editors, Influencers, and celebrities enables clients to align with like-minded brands, internationally influential ambassadors and formidable industry events. Through focused keyword research, our search engine optimization services can maximize the impact of your social media and content creation while tracking success through analytics reports. Discover more about […]

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