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Are Micro-influencers The Next Step In Your Marketing Campaign?

Celebrity and influencer marketing has been a significant part of social media marketing for some time now. More recently, though, a new form of influencer marketing has begun to emerge – the micro-influencer. What is a micro-influencer, and is this route the right choice for your next marketing campaign?  Piccolo PR offers strategic digital and social media services that include connecting relevant influencers to your product to improve online presence. Contact us for a quote on appropriate influencer strategies for your marketing campaign or event.   What Is A Micro-Influencer? Most people would have heard of the term ‘influencer’ over […]

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Top 5 Wellness Trends That We Love

With increased workloads and faster-paced lifestyles, people are looking to wellness to stay sane. There is no doubt that the wellness industry is booming as people are genuinely working towards staying fit, both physically and mentally, to get a breather from the hectic and stressful way of life that has become extremely common. It is essential to take care of our body and mind, and indulge in activities which give us mental peace, relaxation and keep us charged up. “Health is wealth” is a quote we should always keep at the back of our mind and never stop prioritizing our […]

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Vector image of a diverse group of young entrepreneurs as they embark on their brand building strategy.

Why Diverse Voices and Stories Build Better Brands

Incorporating viewpoints and stories of people belonging to multicultural backgrounds, race, gender, ideologies, and beliefs are worthwhile for brands to gain credibility and trust from their audiences. A recent survey found that around 70% of consumers believe that brands should take a stand on social and political issues. Consumers believe that when brands speak about critical social issues, they raise awareness about it, which is beneficial for the public’s welfare. Some examples include brands giving statements about “Black Lives Matter” to discussing important issues ranging from women empowerment to climate change. When working together with a PR Agency, the founder’s […]

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Woman looks over tablet with online shopping options surrounded by four indoor plants as consumers shop online more thanks to covid-19.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behavior?

The onset of COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. Being at home during lockdown has had a significant impact on our lifestyle. With everything functioning and being executed at ease and comfort from home, consumer behavior has undergone a drastic change and will only continue to evolve further. It includes how we behave, do shopping, our working pattern, and even our means of entertainment. Online shopping was an already growing trend before the pandemic but now is developing faster than predicted thanks to the demand of shoppers stuck indoors.  Online retail and e-commerce are booming, and the development […]

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On a pink background various beauty products are placed over palm and monstera leaves, showcasing an example of digital marketing for Beauty PR agencies in Sydney.

Beauty PR: How To Promote Your Brand Online

The digital era has pioneered a huge transition in the marketing and promotion of brands. Gone are the days when top-tier marketing meant flyers being distributed and billboards displayed all over the city. In today’s times, marketing a brand or a product is all about promoting it in the world of digital media where it has the chance to increase brand awareness through your followers, likes, and shares. With a plethora of options to choose from, consumers today need something which keeps them hooked and interested. Promoting Your Brand Online with Beauty PR Make use of these helpful tips to […]

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Five children and one woman site together in a row of colorful chairs with balloons and confetti thrown around, showcasing some of the unique creative content made for kids marketing strategies.

Piccolo PR Provides…Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Kids’ Brands

Children of all ages represent an important demographic to marketers because they influence their parents’ buying decisions significantly in addition to having their purchasing power. As a result, industry spending on kids PR and advertising to children has increased over the last few decades. We build brands through storytelling and digital media. Piccolo PR provides the best digital marketing strategies for kid’s brands to help you stand out in the sea of kiddie competition. Stand out, and have fun! You can never ignore the magic of social media. Strengthen an emotional connection with your audience by producing a playful photoshoot, […]

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Vector art of a giant microphone and three workers showcase digital web tools like zapier, hootsuite, and canva.

5 Best PR Tools for Emerging Startups

PR is comprehensive. When it comes to PR it requires a set of skills, talents, and tools to progress. For a large company, it can be easy to hire a professional team to handle the nitty-gritty of PR or build an in-depth brand strategy.  However, for emerging startups, we understand that there may be a lack of human resources, social networking, foundations, or time and money to ensure your PR strategy is up to your standards. To help you out, Piccolo has come up with five of the best PR tools for emerging startups to get them started with their […]

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Keeping Track of Success: How Google Analytics Can Help Shape Your Strategy

Online marketing is never an easy thing. To figure out whether your strategy is working effectively, you must first begin collecting the data on your audiences, traffic channels, and the most traffic-heavy parts of your website. This may seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Tools such as Google Analytics will fulfill most of your requirements, which is why it’s Piccolo’s recommendation for analyzing and adapting your marketing strategy. Let’s find out how Google Analytics can help pave your way to success! Analyzing Traffic With Google Analytics Under the Acquisition section, you can get profound data on […]

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Depending on the platforms that you use, it's important to prepare your digital content for maximum success in your marketing campaign.

How To Use Digital Video Content to Beef Up Your Marketing Campaign: Piccolo PR Tips

Video has proven to be an effective and influential way to reacher a wider audience with your marketing campaigns. Digital video content can help tell your story and show your target audience the values of your brand while encouraging them to find out more about the products and services you offer. Over 80% of online marketers now use video content to help them run their campaigns. Piccolo PR knows you want to join them, so get started using video content to add more color and vibrance into your brand’s marketing. Here are some of Piccolo’s top tips on how to […]

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Building an energetic landing page can bring more customers to your business.

Make The Perfect Landing Page with Piccolo PR’s Top Tips

Have you experienced that impulse to explore more about a brand as soon as you clicked on their link and saw the landing page? Something inside this page aroused your curiosity and turned you from a casual visitor to a potential customer. Following Piccolo PR’s tips, you can create a more energetic landing page that embraces new customers! Clarify its function – The landing page is nothing like the home page. Your visitors may click the link of your landing page to make the payment, see the promotion, search for the information they need, or log in to their account. […]

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