• Sunday Minx - Deco District - The Breakwater Insitu (L)
  • Sunday Minx - Deco District - The McAlpin Insitu (L)
  • Sunday Minx - The Deco District Collection - Full Range (L)
  • Sunday Minx - Deco District - Bath Mats Insitu
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Sunday Minx

Sunday Minx unveils the Deco District Collection capturing the principles of colour, vibrancy and design. Superbly designed and crafted by Brooke Rudzis, the new range includes Bath Towels, Hand Towels and newly introduced Bath Mats, beautifully merging style and design.

The collection is fresh and contemporary and consciously boasts an exotic colour scheme capturing an empowering richness and opulence that will give instant glamour to the bathroom. Intricate lines and elegant geometry of the Art Deco era helps to create a collection that blends pure Gatsby glamour with tropical chic!