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Interiors designer, mother and founder of Homeroom Studio, Romy Dankner is an established and well-regarded member of the design community, recognized for her stylish and classic interiors. Piccolo PR had the awesome privilege to provide a Sydney PR campaign for Romy Dankner. Romy Dankner is Australia’s Styling Sweetheart and a multi-layered professional who has captured the attention of artists, both locally and abroad. Armed with a strong suite of industry contacts, staunch supporter of innovation and ready to push boundaries, Romy joined the cavalcade of inspirational Australian entrepreneurs and thought-leaders in the world of interior design to launch Homeroom Studio. This treasure trove of hand-selected Australian artists represent photography, paintings, textiles and contemporary art including: YELLOW FINCH; LAELIE BERZON; BROWN PRINTS;SAY HOLA; FELIZ & MAURICE GOLOTTA.